My Writings


You are my Ecstasy. You are the living liquid surface on which my reflection dances. My face, washed in gold, is carried by the waves of your waters. Great storms await the one who sets sail for your shores. Ah, calamity upon calamity, hanging like skulls on a thread, you send.

I did not intend to surrender myself to You, but, here I am. And I feel larger. Stronger. Cast with a will of iron and the capacity to execute it. When I remember You, weakness is stripped with a deafening screech from my self. Torn asunder by Your madness, Your maniacal laughter.

When I am pure, You are calm. And so, I strive for purity. I seek it. Purity of mind, purity of deed, purity of sight. Truth – unadulterated, unmistakable. I wish to embody that Truth. I wish to become it, I wish to live it. An ascend to immortality. I was unborn, and I cannot die. A conditioned spirit, a shackled soul. Only a stranger to this world which I now know to be my mother, but my cosmic father – he springs from the Place beyond Space. Torn between them, I cry for their blessing, but do they wish to bestow it upon me? If not, how will I reach them?

I am clawing my way up. In a dogged race against time, I race against myself. Against the low one who drags me down. That is not enough, because You must first open the gates. If not, my armies will rot beyond Your walls, before I surrender myself to You.

I surrender.


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