My Writings

The Wise Water

Untitled by Tea Velizarova

Artwork: Serenity by Tea Velizarova One gaze – spreading itself on the objects – my belonings, having tasted their peace – that was my gaze. Those relics, which I brought home to surround me, are the washed out faces of my travels. One look and the soul twists to welcome the calm water for the […]


Opening words

Artwork: Cotopaxi by Frederic Edwin Church, 1862 Art is ever changing and yet eternally constant – bearing a strong resemblance to the material body that grows old, and the soul inside it, which remains unviolated and untouched. Being familiar with the history of art is not obligatory to the personal creative genius, but it is […]

My Writings

The Face

Portrain No 1 by Bogdan Sassu

Artwork: Portrait No 1 by Bogdan Sassu The face is covered in small suns, relaxed. In the hills and valleys of this mask of flesh lie truths, unasked for. On the sides – dried out mud, dust, and thorny beard. In the eyes – Nothing. The face twists slowly, lays on one side. Its gaze […]