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Mere Human Trouble

Universal symbolism. The hands of man stretched in a receiving gesture towards the sky. The golden son and the slaughter of the first-born. Thus, from Krishna came Christ.

I know One who ate dirt, to let Mother see the universe, in his mouth. My Lord is a herdsman king. Above all constraints, equally at home in dirt and gold. Truly unpredictable, sudden shifts, in his laughter, now a trembling string, now a tower of freight.

Vishvarupa, full form, complete, dreadful truth, come back to me as I knew you. One morsel at a time, a drop in the lake. Infinite patience, I will learn what is needed, but slow down, mad horse, if you wish me to survive.

Escaped, by the skin of my teeth. Made the leap, over the abyss, by a hair. I am not the bearer, of a flawless victory, but somehow it was sufficient. Unexpected Mercy. Thought long and hard, on the Obvious. To Him, my shortcomings are void.

Mere human trouble.


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