Land of the Bulgars

I grew up and lived, in the Land of the Bulgars. There, I first learned to speak. There, I planted a walnut. There, I first felt love.

There my character was built, in a hell of the past. A time of burden, stupor, and torpor. To live a shared destiny, with others, to see a common fate. A family, united by its struggle. But mine felt victim, to internal strife. I did not know, who I was. Free to become anyone, I would have made myself, if it were possible.

Voices of significant influence. I was always meant, to come here. There is no past to serve as retreat, nothing can be altered. Nor should it be. Now, I am grateful, for those Revelations.

Ancestors, lost in the dark, who are they to me? They say, everything happens for a reason. Your soul chose our line, for a most suitable body. Needed, for your chosen life, to follow a path born for your feet.

So I will honor them.

Avitohol lived, for 300 years. His clan was Dulo. The year of his ascension, was dilom tvirem. Irnik, lived to 150. His year, too, was dilom tvirem. Gostun, Kurt and Bezmer also ruled.

But the most lasting legacy was that of Asparuh. Also named Ispor, Isperih, Esperih, Espererih, Aspar-rukh, and Batiy. Beyond the Danube, he established the state.


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