My Writings

Field of Ice

Artwork: Calypso Noximera

I know Hunger. I come infinitely close to satiation, but I strangle myself before reaching it. I do not wish it to be mine. Teeth and gaze sharp, as is the mind, the mind that hungers for you.

In a field of ice, I burn. In the Nothing, I create. In a tide of chaos, my reason towers over matter- a beacon of order, a blessing to the forsaken and the lost, a spring in the desert. It was your will for it to be so.

I seek you. I long for you. I wish to know you. And all of this I have allowed to consume me. I offer you my days, I offer you my strength and drive.

Ice reflects your light. One must become lighter than a feather to reach you, one must contain the fire within, lest the ice melts. One must have their eyes at all times on you, lest one forgets.

You have given time, a gift of life – to find you, to let yourself be discovered, a time to learn and a time to forget.

I rest easy knowing of your boundless nature. I know that your spring will never run dry. You have allowed me to sink my teeth into you, you have let me cut open a wound in your crust… and yet you do not bleed. Instead, I drink your blessed sap, I discover that my jaw is stuck, and here will I remain – feasting on immortality – forever.

With a wave of your hand you let me overcome primal instict, blessed me with the power of will, and allowed me to see this through the end.

None of my vision goes to waste. Your blessed image flows through my mind as fertile water, and my consciousness – sculpted intricately by your capable hand, welcomes it. I feel your presence gently washing against the far reaches of my understanding. I feel you slowly engulfing me in truth. I drown in it, and yet my lungs do not scream in rejection, for it is in their nature to be fueled by it.

I find it in myself to grow in accordance to your advancement.

I welcome you.

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