My Writings

Father – Part IV

Dedicated to him

In the end it will turn out, we were twin souls, blind to each other. Pretending to be, in a strict relationship, a troubled exchange, in a small world. Master said, I envy you, for what you are about to experience, on the trail of discovery.

My Father lives, in a foreign land. Alone, I face life. Alone, I make my way upward. I hear, he conquers peaks, but so do I. Never seen him there, oxygen deficiency, I must go back. He camps here, I heard, so I wait. To reason with you, and establish a bridge, I built character.

Proud wolf, I am. Not an Alfa, but a Sigma. The apple does not fall, too far from the tree. One of the greatest tales I ever told, to myself.

Inescapable, I came to be. Son of Freedom, Pride and Dignity,

I was not the first, to walk the Earth.

You came before. So share your wisdom,

To take us further,

Along the Path.


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