My Writings

Days of Harvest

Blessed days of harvest, of promises fulfilled, of dreams awakened, of kind words and a soft touch. Not a shadow anymore, I live again. I dream again.

Brother, you have opened the path, you have pointed to the gates, solely so that I might open them, one by one, encircled by ever-greater bliss, riding towards the innermost circle of Your divine aura. Ah, indeed, you gave the key to a door I never knew existed. I write in your name, recognize yourself in my words – You are hidden in plain sight.

In the depraved womb of the Fourth age – a Golden age!

I have attained Your ecstasy. Magnanimous One, you are the warmest rain in sweet Summer. Illumination. I imagine not beings of light, it is the darkness within that I have burned, while I burned beside it. Indeed I burned down, to the orphaned earth, and I sought the shining gem of my soul in the ashes.

As I grow Large, time grows Short.

I have seen a day of great attainment, I have seen some great happiness, I have seen the richest harvest, I have seen a soul overflowing.

Now, let me tell you what I have heard.

I heard the Laughter of God.


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