My Writings

Color and the Light

I came here for You.

I pulsate with Your energy, breathing in and out – the breath of the universe – the life-giver, the dancer, whose prancing feet will never tire. Now alone in the dark, contemplating, swallowing Your fire, now laughing in the sun, bursting into flames, unburned. I have learned to be both quiet and loud, grey and vibrant, which to some is a contradiction, but to me it is a necessity.

My love for You requires the mastery of both song and silence. I have seen you come alive, as your presence slowly seeped into my world, inanimate at first, but rich and brimming with life. Who are you? And what do you want? I have come to understand you as someone neither good nor evil, someone equally comedic and tragic, and above all – unpredictable.

I came here for Us.

Dream of me, Love, and see me rise to new heights, only to dissipate when you wake up. I accept my destruction. I do not wish to be here when the universe dies and is born again. Instead, I wish to be absorbed by you and to never again be cast into existence. I am a shard of the Brahman. I only hope that my act is worthy of the title.

To be moved or to remain unmoving – but you have provided another choice. To denounce all color and devote myself to pure light – but you have let me paint myself in all the colors of the world.

I now see that without the smile to give sweetness to my being, I have been bitter.

Now I live.

I came here for Myself.

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