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Breaker of Ice

You have many names, but I cannot speak them, I have taken a vow of silence. Still their presence is strong. You are near to me now, underneath my skin, so close. I do not hear your breath, but instead the rushing of your river, flowing undisturbed in its one direction. It was me whose hands were shaking, cold, pale, eyes burning.

You have come to reassure me. Everything takes its natural course, everything will fall into place, eventually. All passion will give way to peace, sickness will be cured, the scourge of the past will be forgotten. Need is less than a memory. Resistance is overcome, random turmoil, jaws clenched tightly – eventually, ground to dust.

In silence, a new tune, unfamiliar. A blessing of a different kind. Action, strength, freedom. Change, truth, life. Joy, comfort, pleasure. Success, discovery, health. Inspiration, insight, communication. Closure, warmth, home. Vision, tenacity, understanding. Foresight, fertility, power. Harmony, ecstasy, glory. Sex, prowess, virility. Release. Love. Ascension.

All granted in due course. Now – foretasted. Ice breaker, Great Sun, release from stupor.

Guiding light.

I shall not want.


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My Writings


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