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My Writings

The Dream

I built for myself a dream. A nugget of want at first, unrealized, formless. A new-born hope, besieged immediately by the evil of my low nature. Through its beautiful promise, I wanted to rule, I sought to be worshipped. Whatever form it takes, the ego is equally repulsive. And how many opportunities to feed it […]

My Writings

The Symbolic and the Literal

Such a simple gesture, an elementary move – to unmask the Literal and see it become Symbolic. And yet, some of us never come so far – to allow the water of legends to burst into your life, as you live it, day by day. Now, the demons you slay are your very own. Bubbling […]

My Writings

Embrace Silence

The first Gate. I remember when it opened – unexpectedly, like waking from a dream. Why do You let me in, I asked. How did I deserve this? There is nothing one can do to deserve it. There is no step that man can take in the right direction, without guidance. If you draw all […]

My Writings

Let These Moments Last

Every page that I am allowed to write, every word, every letter – I am grateful. Every spark of inspiration is dear to me. If it happens that it spills, if it happens that I – willingly or not, let it go to waste, it is as if I have spilled my own blood. It […]


The Greatest Triumph

I asked You, Lord, please take me at my Greatest Triumph, and not a moment earlier, not a moment later. In the past, I asked for that, because I was scared of seeing myself in decline. How do I live, except at the mighty summit of life, is there anything else? Then, having rejected that […]

My Writings

The Great Summer

I remember visions of a dark and murky field, unfamiliar. Heavy with danger, cold, a haze as thick as milk, drowning the world in darkness. I remember cutting through it with great difficulty, nursed in a cradle of unease, as one runs in a dream – paralyzed, as the beast draws nearer. I have cut […]

My Writings

The Water Monkey

Now that I am whole, do you understand me? Now, is it all clearer – the water of my lake? Take a rock, skip it across the surface of my world. You cannot hurt me. Now, there is only a calm goodbye, there is only forgiveness, there is only understanding, only quiet. Do my words […]

My Writings

A Time to Be

I used to encircle myself with the memories of my closest ones, but they were not my memories. I heard stories about the past, I imagined how life must have been – in the time before I was conscious, in the time before I myself acted. I was nursed with stories, fables, legends. Family. Actors […]

My Writings

The World at Your Feet

To see the world in vivid color. To see clearly. To know. To not let life remain a metaphor for change and movement, but to live it. To be animated by it. A girl grabbing you by the hand, pulling you into the raging dance. Stepping into the roaring river, hardly finding your balance, crossing […]

My Writings

The Gift of Strength

Stop. Listen. Can you hear how different the melody is? Do you notice that it has changed? After so long, an unfamiliar tune. Ah, no, I must have heard it, now it sounds familiar, nearer than a mother’s milk, now it is mine, and then – it changes. Give me silence, that music terrifies me. […]