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About Me

My Story

Dear reader,

I am Zacharya and this is my story in the writing.

I have been writing for years, since I can remember.

My journey took me from science fiction experiments to short stories until I finally settled on the miniature form, which has allowed me the greatest freedom of expression and highest fit with who I am inside.

My writings can be described as outbursts of energy and an exercise in capturing the essence of an emotion. There are few, vaguely defined characters. There is a plot and a narrative, though not in the strict sense. But there is a search Рfor answers, as you Рthe reader Рsee yourself morph into different entities as you read.

My teacher used to say that my works are at times dark and sinister, not because that was who I am but because I was looking for answers outside of who (or what) I am. He also used to say that some forces appear horrific simply because they are non-human and are thus alien to us.

Whoever I am in the material world, I took upon myself the mission to produce pure writing, drawing from a growing pool of life experiences as inspiration. I wanted to test the limits of my own expression, how much I can twist and bend language before it breaks, how much meaning I can condense into ever fewer words.

I conducted an experiment, to find out what would happen if a person were left to grow on their own, with as few limits imposed on their self-expression as possible. It can only be there, I thought, where an exception could become Exceptional. Whether or not there is any value to the final result, it is only for you to decide.

If I have to summarize my works in a word, I would call them human. Beyond anything, it is human to search, it is human to doubt, it is human to be lost.

I welcome you to my world.

Yours truly,