My Writings

A Paper Dam

Words strung out, like bows, for those who can read. Runes carved in stone, whispers in the wind, a secret message, and another to follow it. Follow along, I will show you, but knowledge must be earned. A debt of life and strength, a toll, so bitter, like burning letters from a lover. Cannot be cheapened by money, what truly has value. Worthless to some, invaluable to others.

The Great One, the High One, places a hand on your shoulder. To think of the days when you were asked: Und wie sind Sie zu dieser Weisheit gekommen? And you had no answer. Now, freed from the tyranny of doubt, you ride ahead, unencumbered, towards new madness, higher.

The tide of you is contained by a paper dam, you can descend on the world like storm, and yet you whisper. An invitation instead of punishment. When a man, a beggared soul comes along, asking, I heard you answer – you may go with your life. The pain of a million lifetimes – tossed like weathered wine onto the grass. Not for you. A million maladies – you will never have to suffer through them. All because you spoke my name, once.

In the end you will find me to be the Most Attractive. When all other rivers dry out, I will tell you that you were never thirsty. But beware. Such freedom is dangerous.

I may even hear you jubilant: “let’s do it all over again”.


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